Discover the Wonders of Reclaimed Table Collection by Permata Furni

Introducing our reclaimed table selection, an embodiment of sustainability charm combined with top-tier craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture is made from the finest Indonesian teak, salvaged and reclaimed for a second life of beauty and utility. Breathe new life into your living space with Permata Furni.

Adorn your home with a touch of nature’s elegance with our exquisite reclaimed table collection. Skilfully fabricated by our expert artisans, these tables showcase the distinct, enduring allure of teak. Enjoy the uniqueness of each table’s grain and colour, a satisfying visual testament to its previous life.

Investing in a reclaimed table from Permata Furni not only guarantees quality but also contributes to environment preservation. We take pride in aiding the reduction of deforestation and landfill waste, a cause close to our heart. Order today and exemplify your love for stylish, sustainable living!

Treat Yourself to Sustainable Luxury with Permata Furni