Experience the Beauty and Durability of Reclaimed Teak Table Tops

Bring a touch of timeless charm to your living space with Permata Furni’s reclaimed teak table top. Handcrafted with expertise and adept craftsmanship in Indonesia, every piece boasts of an unmatched sense of style and durability. Plus, with our commitment to sustainability, you can enrich your home while protecting the environment.

Our reclaimed teak table top is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its rich texture brings warmth and elegance to any room, while its inherent resistance to decay guarantees longevity. Plus, its unique past – formed under diverse climatic conditions – adds a captivating narrative to your home.

Dive into a world of elegant style and sustainability with a reclaimed teak table top from Permata Furni. Contact us today and let’s create a space that speaks of nothing but perfection, durability and noteworthy aesthetics